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Bele Mama - Unknown

This song is originally from Cameroon in West Africa.  The words, "Bele Mama," mean, "Call Mamma."

The Way Knows The Way - Lyndsey Scott

This song was "caught" and brought to us on this earthly realm by Lyndsey Scott (@lila.gaia) on the first day of an epic bike soul journey.  What a gift!  On this recording Lisa Littlebird is harmonizing.

I learned this song from a fellow participant in a Stone Age Immersion program.  Origins of song are are attributed to the T'Jen while at the Wilderness Awareness School. 

Nature is Always Teaching - Mila Redwood

Mila Redwood taught this song at an amazing singing gathering called Village Fire which takes place annually in northeast Iowa.

Thanks to Grace for teaching us this beautiful round by John Krum!

The original version of this song is by Sophia Songhealer. This arrangement is inspired by Sara Thomsen and is quite different than the original, but modified and shared with permission of Sophia Songhealer.

Thank You Land - Valerie Osborne

This song is originally came to Valerie while camping through a gentle winter storm on the north side of the Santa Catalina Mountains in Arizona.

The River - Coco Love Alcorn

I learned this song thanks to a singing gathering called Village Fire in Iowa.  The original song is a gift to this world by Coco Love Alcorn.  You can find a video of her acappella version here, and her full website featuring her amazing music here.

The lyrics to this empowering pocket song come from the Leonard Cohen song, "Anthem."  The melody and arrangement of this adaption are unknown.  

Native American.  Contemporary gift from the Seneca language.  Neesa translates to "the winter moon in January" and Gaiweo means, "honoring the creator who is the creation" or "the good word."  I found this song through Libana.

As so beautifully stated on their website, the ladies of Beautiful Chorus sing to stir the joys of our innermost selves. They guide us on adventures of the spirit, always growing, learning...the epitome of balance.  Their mantras are medicine for the soul.

Every Little Cell - Geneva

The lyrics to this song are popular at Rainbow Gatherings, song circles, and in many communities world-wide.  The origins are unknown to me.  The melody recorded here was gifted to us and led by Geneva Hickey.

I Don't Feel In No Ways Tired - Curtis Burrell

This song is by Curtis Burrell, arrangement inspired by Reverend James Cleveland, a.k.a. The King of Gospel.

Tumbling Stone - Emily Mabry

Notes from Valerie: The origins of this song are unknown to me.  I learned this version at a primitive skills gathering.  There are a few versions of it recorded on the Singing Alive website.

Update: We discovered that this song was written by Emily Mabry, in connection with Wilderness Awareness School. There are many recordings of melodies out there, but we haven't yet found the original.

The origins of this song are unknown.  It appears to be in the public domain.

Morning Song - Geneva

This song was shared with our circle by Geneva.  Thank you Geneva!

Listen in the Silence - Anna Fritz

This  beautiful song is by Anna Fritz.

Unknown Blessings - Unknown

The lyrics of this song are attributed to be a Native American Saying.  The melody and arrangement I learned while in the Stone Age Project.

Big Strong Legs - Anna Fritz

This song was brought into this world by Anna Fritz and introduced to our group by her brother Ian Fritz.  Find more of Anna's inspiring and heartening music here.  This audio is roughly clipped together from our group learning the song, but it has all the parts and also the song with parts woven together at the end.  Happy learning!

Libana is a female global music ensemble formed in 1979.  They are an awesome resource for both original songs such as this one, to sacred chants and musical gems from many eras and created by a diversity cultures.  Check out their website here.

How Shall We Come Together - Maggie Wheeler

This awesome song is by Maggie Wheeler.  A talented composer and leader of a community choir in California.  This song comes from her album: "Walk With Me: Songs for Choirs and Communities."  You can find her albums here.

I Work This Land - Valerie Osborne

This song came to me in a moment of anxiety.  It helped sooth and ground me and connect me to great joy.  I like to sing it over and over until I am lost in it.

I can't get enough of the lovely ladies of Beautiful Chorus. This song is titled, "I Love My Life."  On their website, you can learn more.  They guide us on adventures of the spirit, always growing, learning...the epitome of balance.  Their mantras are medicine for the soul.

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