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The lyrics to this empowering pocket song come from the Leonard Cohen song, "Anthem."  The melody and arrangement of this adaption are unknown.  

We Must Let the Land

The source of this song is unknown. I heard it from a magical songstress named Epona.

Native American.  Contemporary gift from the Seneca language.  Neesa translates to "the winter moon in January" and Gaiweo means, "honoring the creator who is the creation" or "the good word."  I found this song through Libana.

Thank You Land - Valerie Osborne

This song is originally came to Valerie while camping through a gentle winter storm on the north side of the Santa Catalina Mountains in Arizona.

Tower of Strength - Jackie Summers - sung by Valerie Osborne

Valerie learned this song from Lyndsey Scott's YouTube Channel. Although the source is unknown, it may have come through witch camp.

Update: This song was written by Jackie Summers as part of a series of women's empowerment workshops.

Every Little Cell - Geneva

The lyrics to this song are popular at Rainbow Gatherings, song circles, and in many communities world-wide.  The origins are unknown to me.  The melody recorded here was gifted to us and led by Geneva Hickey.

A wonderfully healing layer song by Laurence Cole. Appropriate in any time, but feels especially relevant now.

An inspiring song by Laurence Cole!  Find more of his music here.

Big Strong Legs - Anna Fritz

This song was brought into this world by Anna Fritz and introduced to our group by her brother Ian Fritz.  Find more of Anna's inspiring and heartening music here.  This audio is roughly clipped together from our group learning the song, but it has all the parts and also the song with parts woven together at the end.  Happy learning!

Please Prepare Me

I first heard this sacred song from the group Beautiful Chorus. You can find their recording here.

Another beautiful arrangement by Beautiful Chorus. This song comes from the African-American spiritual tradition. 

When I Rise - Wendell Berry/Wendy Tuck (sung by Valerie Osborne)

Composed by Wendy Tuck in 1974 based on a poem by Wendell Berry.  When asked, Wendell Berry said he heard these words from an old Buddhist mantra.  I found a longer version recorded by Thich Nhat Hanh's community. Additional verses and bridge by Joseph Emet at Plum Village.

A super fun and empowering song by Sara Nutting of Mamuse. This particular arrangement was made for Wholehearted Chorus out of Big Sur, CA.

This Is The Moment - Peace Poets

This beautiful song is by the Peace Poets, sung here by Lyndsey Scott. Here is the original version of the song.

A simple and beautiful round. I found this song through the always amazing all female group called Libana. This is their recording.

Another beautiful song by Beautiful Chorus.

How Shall We Come Together - Maggie Wheeler

This awesome song is by Maggie Wheeler.  A talented composer and leader of a community choir in California.  This song comes from her album: "Walk With Me: Songs for Choirs and Communities."  You can find her albums here.

"Positivity," another-nother beautiful song by Beautiful Chorus!

One Drop of Water - Fay White (sung by Valerie Osborne)

Valerie learned this song at a primitive skills gathering called Winter Count. 

This delightful song was written by an Australian singer-songmaker named Fay White. It is shared here with her permission, and is included in two of her collections:

1. A CD called “Singing Landcare” - with 16 songs

2. A Songbook with 2 teaching CDs  called “Short Stuff - 62 small songs for community singing”


Both of these items are available for purchase via her website catalogue page 

From Fay: "It was part of  a project attached to the Landcare movement here in Australia.  I’m a singer-songmaker by trade and was commissioned to make a set of songs to accompany Environment Education for schools and the community, here in my state of Victoria."

"I Am Perfect As I Am," Another-nother-nother beautiful song by Beautiful Chorus!

The River - Coco Love Alcorn

I learned this song thanks to a singing gathering called Village Fire in Iowa.  The original song is a gift to this world by Coco Love Alcorn.  You can find a video of her acappella version here, and her full website featuring her amazing music here.

Humbly - by Laurence Cole

One of so many treasures by Laurence Cole.

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