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Song Lists by Month


September 2023

Song Title
Composer Name
Eel River Song
Meredith Buck
This gorgeous song has been shared widely in community song circles. It was inspired by a wilderness immersion exercise that invited participants to cross a river blindfolded with only the sound of a drum on the far shore to guide them across.
Every Fall
Earth Practice
This enchanting, earth-honoring, so-fun-to-sing song came through Yin of Earth Practice and is the perfect way to honor Fall (or aspirationally reach toward it during the last hot days of summer in the Sonoran Desert. <3)
May I Be Empty
Batya Levine
Somewhere in the heart of this song, joy is born. It is a joy that comes from allowing openness to receive both in our fullness and our emptiness. It is quiet and gentle, yet upbeat with a feeling of upliftment that will leave you with a nice long slow burn of wellbeing. Enjoy! 
Put Your Roots Down
Molly Hartwell
This amazing, grounding song originally came into being as "Root Down", by Molly Hartwell. It was later arranged for community and choral singing by Heather Houston.

October 2023

Song Title
Composer Name
Is it possible
Ahlay Blakely
Amanda West
I Am Alive
Juliana Murphy
This song is a fun reminder to take the time to celebrate our aliveness and anything else that feels precious. You are invited to zip in any words that you may need to hear in this moment.
When I Rise
Wendy Tuck
Composed by Wendy Tuck in 1974 based on a poem by Wendell Berry. When asked, Wendell Berry said he heard these words from an old Buddhist mantra. I found a longer version recorded by Thich Nhat Hanh's community. Additional verses and bridge by Joseph Emet at Plum Village.
Walk With Me
Maggie Wheeler
We Remember You
Juliana Murphy
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