September 2022

Be Open is a gem of a song by Debbie Nargi-Brown. This song reminds us to "be open for something wonderful to happen," to "be open to the possibilities." If you are ever feeling doubtful or down, this song will remind you of all the wonderful experiences waiting just around the bend.

This song (also known as the "Shame Song") first blew Juliana's mind at Song Village 2022, where she learned it from the luminous being who caught it, Ahlay Blakely. It is a powerful tool for self-acceptance, reframing mistakes, and claiming our intrinsic value.

This magical song by Lyndsey Scott first came to us as a part of the Reach for Life playlist supporting Holistic Resistance and is such a powerful song for both gathering together and for bringing oneself powerfully into the present moment. This recording can also be found on Lyndsey's new album, Well Held.

I Am Enough is a fun song with a heavy root. For more information about how the song arrived, as well as more about its lineage, read the description on its youtube page. Music and Lyrics by Juliana Murphy.

The Way Knows (the Way) was "caught" and brought to us on this earthly realm by Lyndsey Scott (@lila.gaia) on the first day of an epic bike soul journey.  What a gift!  This recording can be found on her new album, Well Held.